graphics for my 99 YZ400F

Ive seen a couple of kits, but Im looking for some more choices. Alot of the people that carry the kits have just the newer models available. Of course my tank decals are nasty and yellow, and I want my bike to look fresh! Any suggestions? THANKS! -Jim


Ditto, the 426 is the same bike almost, so search for this as well.


In fact all Yamaha 4 strokes 98-02 are the same, graphics wise. there should be about 5 pages of yamaha stuff on ebay. I got mine there.

Ditto, what he said :applause:



Those are cool! I wasnt sure how many years were the same, because of the way some places list the kits. I also like some of the Ceet kits. Thanks!

I put clear nail varnish round the leading edge of graphics to stop them peeling.

(Pisses off my wife if I get grit in her nail varnish!)

I have the flame ones on mine like shown on the link above. Very good quality and they come with swingarm, shroud, tank, airbox, and a couple extras too. Lots of stuff for a decent price.

I got mine on ebay from a company called DOXO Racing, they make some really "out-there" graphics with a skeleton hand on 'em and some like mine ( you can find mine by DL'ing the catalog thru adobe and seeing the Yamaha pg. Some day I'll put pics in my garage....sigh.

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