The best way to move a bike long distances???

I'm moving approx. 1000 miles next week and I'm going to be hauling my 99 dub-r on a single reciever hitch carrier behind my SUV. Normally I just use friction straps however; I'm concerned about compressing the forks for a such a long time (20 hrs. in two days). Should I be concerned? I suspect that the fork seals take much, much higher loads when coming down from a jump but I've seen the Fork Saver product and still wonder if there is merit to it. I look forward to your comments. :)

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I have used two 2 x 4's screwed together and mounted it btwn my tire and fender. I trimmed one end into a U - shape. That end rides on the tire. Be sure the other end is centered under the fender mounting bolts. It would also behoove you to tie or tape the block in place in case vibration causes it to be displaced. I too shudder at the thought of compressing the forks for an extended bit of time. This topic has been brought up before. There have been stories on both sides of the coin whether or not it is good/bad. All I can say is I have never blown a fork seal in 25 years of cranking my bikes down in this fasion.

I'm moving to Portland Oregon from San Diego California. I took a great job and a company that is growing very, very fast. They produce Internet web traffic analysis software.

I think I'm going to chance the blown fork seals. I'd rather re-build the fork than have a 2X4 pop-out and see my bike cartwheeling down I5 at 75mph! :)

The longest I've carried previous bikes is 6-7 hours and I've never had any problems. My friend that is riding with my is name Steve Claus. I refer to him as Contingency Claus. This is because everytime I go somewhere with him, something exciting happens. Once time we had to unload the bikes and gear in the middle of the road becuase his truck started on fire! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I use just a short peice of 2 x 4. Cut it about an inch shorter than the forks fully extended. Put the 2x4 on the flat of the fender and tighten the "ratcheting" tie downs. They must be ratcheting, or you will not be able to put enought pressure on the forks to hold the 2x4 in place. If the 2x4 pops out, you'll drop the bike since there will be little to no tension on the tie downs.

Where you going Bryan? I'm moving from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.

Good luck.



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