FMF Quiet Pipe?

Just wondering if anyone is using the FMF Powercore IV S/A-Q exhaust.I'm looking for a replacement for my heavy steel Canadian model(non-removable baffle).I really don't want anything that is much louder than stock.All the aftermarket pipes that I have heard so far are unacceptably loud by anyone's standards.I'm seriously considering buying this pipe along with the Power Bomb header. That is going to cost me over $900.00 CDN. and I would really like some input before spending that kind of money.

Pete, I too have the Canadian WR. My dad and I both bought them together, I changed my exhaust immediatly to the Procircuit T4 and he left his stock. My bike with the T4 will absolutly ruin his bike,Bad!!!! Do yourself a favor and remove the stock Canadian piece of garbage and throw it as far as you can. If you're not concerned with sound levels I would recommend the T4 (they're loud) but if you want something quieter I think a good idea would be to find a US exhaust and put that thing on.. If you need to quiet it down for dualsporting you can always buy a Vortip and slip it in, it only takes seconds... Good luck my friend, Dan

Dan, I have the Canadian version too. When you change the pipe, do you need to do anything else? I'm new to this. Can you just put a new pipe on an ride?

Thanks for any info.

Pete Z, let me save you $900. Dont bother with the quietcore from FMF. Last year they came out with the "quiet core". This year the "quiet core 2". hmm, that was fast! All those who have bought them for the quiet factor have been disappointed. I will let you in on a secret. They are still a good 20 db louder than that steel boat anchor. Do you think FMF will take their system back when you too are disappointed?

Not a chance. Its used. Ah Pete Z, "Quiet is a relative term, "We designed this system to be quieter without trading off too much HP at the same time." ( the likely FMF PR answer) When I spoke to FMF a couple months ago, they could quote me the price for the new FMF Powercore 2 SA but no

specifications as to its sound level. What does that tell you? It tells me that FMF is more interested in their business margins than actual performance.

You would be better off buying a YZ silencer that can be slipped on when you want that increase in performance boast. And that will only set you back in the neighborhood of $100 US. You want the stock YZ quieter? Sleeve down the outlet with a smaller diameter pipe. Sure it will cost you a little power but so will FMF's so called quiet core.

I have personally own a FMF powercore 4 SA which is loud. I have the Big Gun system with their "Quiet core" still loud. And I own a YZ stock silencer.

Bang for the buck?

YZ stocker.

choose your own header!


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Fershy,I'm not sure that we are talking about the same FMF exhaust.The one that I'm interested in is the Powercore IV Q SA,which supposedly is different(quieter)than the Powercore IV SA,which is still available. Also I was wondering what kind of jetting changes(if any)that you have had to make for each of your different pipes.Currently my 2000 WR400 runs perfect with the stock exhaust-no bogging,no hard starting,no plug fouling,no hesitation etc.Maybe I should just live with the big black boat anchor stock pipe and leave well enough alone?

Pete, yes I am aware that you are talking about FMF's latest and greatest. My advise is based on that. Here is the product line

1. Powercore IV/sa (original)

2. powercore IV SA2 (Last year)Square baffle quiet core

3. Powercore IV SA2 (this years)with the new improved quiet core!

All the people who bought last years IV SA2 I have talked to were disappointed in FMF's quiet claims. Then voila new marketing year, FMF has an even quieter core. As I mentioned When I spoke to FMF a month ago they could not give me any sound level specs as they were still in R&D. They certainly could quote a price however!

My FMF pipe was the original and it is extremely loud. I went up from the stock 168 to a 172 and did not mess with the needle. Just some tweaking to the fuel screw.(99WR) The performance difference from the stock Anchor(mine is a Canadian as well) is night and day. So is the sound level!

I just got the Big Gun System with their "quiet core" but I am not holding my breath.

If it delivers the 94 db they claim in comparison to the 104 db of the Powercore IV I will be happy.

Find a stock YZ pipe and modify the outlet if you need it quieter. That way you can take it off quickly if you need more juice. I have heard reports that the OEM makes the most usable, clean linear power of all the pipes. The spin doctors over at the MX mags certainly wont tell you that as they are the choir boys for all the aftermarket companies. Hell if you wanna really read a good write up on any FMF products, read Dirt Rider! Glowing results. Also one of their biggest advertisers.

Had I to do it all over, I'd just buy the stock YZ muffler (as I have recently done) off of someone content in wasting the dosh on an aftermarket silencer. IMHO


Fershy,many thanks for the valuable input. It seems that you are not alone in your opinions regarding aftermarket exhausts. At least there's not too many guys stepping up to defend their expensive (over-priced?) pipes. I have already made a few calls and sent a few e-mails looking for a take-off YZ-F exhaust.Thank-you again.PZ

Hey No problem. Let us know how it is working out for you


You would be sadly mistaken my friend on the new FMF pipe. You are referring to the old quiet core they used to have. The new Q pipe is engineered entirely around the requirement of being QUIET. And quiet they are at 93bd. They are also lighter than stock and offer good boost. Go to FMF webpage. Just a week ago they posted test results. Magazine reviews are favorable also. I ordered one myself. What you are saying was accurate a few months ago, but not now. I say all this because quieting are bikes is IMPORTANT and needs to be encouraged.

loud bikes= closed trails :)

The FMF Four Q on my WR250F is relatively quiet. It is much more quiet than the US silencer unplugged. ...especially in the upper RPMs.

fershy is way off on this one. and since you can get them for US$270 - I think he is wrong on the price as well.

- Sean

I've got one on my 00 wr400 and I love it,it's quiet and weights less than stock.


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guardfmf power core 4 Q pipe

I think I'll wait until somebody besides FMF tests the new Q series pipe before throwing any $$ their way.


I went to and looked at their claims. They claim a YZ426 dropped from 99 dB to 93 dB, a 6 dB drop which is lots. I've tested a stock YZ426 at 102 dB, but still their pipe ought to work relatively, leading me to expect a 96 dB result. I would grant some credibility to their published numbers, and would give them good credit if the pipe weighs nearly like a YZ pipe vs like the WR boat-anchor pipe weight.

I won't comment on their HP gain claims, but if they claim no loss that's a win already.

Someone with a meter could easily test their claims. Look for previous posts about sound testing or look to the MMIC for instructions. For our purposes a $40 Radio Shack meter would suffice.

how are these db measurements taken? at what engine revs? at what distance? all this talk of db claims is meaningless without the measurement conditions. you can make any pipe quiet if you measure the noise level from far enough away

I don't how they take the measurements but it's a lot quieter when your riding it with the fmf Q than with an uncorked wr pipe.


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

Robman, How does it compare to say a stock YZ pipe in sound level? Any discernable difference or would one need sound equipment to varify?

the still skeptical,


freshy,it's a much quieter than a stock yz pipe.


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

fershy sez: I just got the Big Gun System with their "quiet core" but I am not holding my breath.

If it delivers the 94 db they claim in comparison to the 104 db of the Powercore IV I will be happy.

I think you'll be happy. I've got the Big Gun Race Series with the Quiet Core, and I passed tech inspection at the Idaho ISDE qualifier. It registered 96 dB (LOI riders needed to be 94 or under, everyone else 96). I think the final measurement was from idle, although they measured it just above idle too. 20" at 20-degrees, or something like that. I think I could have gotten down to 94 with the airbox lid on and more packing in the muffler.

I'm happy.




I've got a FMF Power Core IV2 SA on a Euro Y2K WR400. The UK bikes come with a really restrictive, welded-up pipe (same as the Canadian bikes I think) without the removable spark arrestor. The FMF is obviously louder than the std, but I race motocross with it, and it doesn't seem as loud as a standard piped YZ426.

Also, CAD$900 sounds like a lot of money for one. Even over here on Treasure Island, they are cheaper than that!


'00 WR400F, YZ Timing, FMF Power Core IV2, Renthal Bars.

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Uh, their site ( ) lists it for $329 - I bought it from a third party for less. You don't need their header either the stock pipe works fine. Wait until you wreck it. Partsfish lists the Yamaha header at $205 while FMF sells theirs for $189 - sounds reasonable to me!

$330 USD is still expensive though. Still, I guess you Canadians get hosed on conversion rates and taxes...

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