FMF Quiet Pipe?

z4me,this is a rather old post that for some reason was resurrected.FYI I have since purchased and installed a W-B E-Series which I am very happy with.The difference in power and throttle response over stock is amazing,plus it was only $300.00 CDN.

In Pete Z's defence the pricing was in Canadian $ and with a Powerbomb header. As a Canadian if you were to order direct though FMF's retail dept, I would be willing to guess that $900 CAD would be right in the ball park once you include currency conversion,shipping and handling, goods and services tax of 7% to us fortunate few. Lest we not to forget brokerage charges if we were so foolish to ship with UPS.

What I find astonishing is the comment that an FMF Power Core iv being quiter then a stock OEM YZ silencer. To my ear, the stocker is at least 5 db lower than any FMF equipted 400 or 426 I have ever heard. Sorry I can't vouch for FMF's latest as I have not personally seen or heard one. Apparently Robman can personally attest to its stealth. Perhaps ballistic can add his objective credence once he gets his?

PS What do you do when the stainless steel packing burns out of your powerbomb header? Surely FMF has the answer for this too!


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FMF Powercore IV Q S/A sugg.list $519.95, FMF Powerbomb header sugg.list $292.95, add 15 % sales tax on top of that and you come up with $934.84. Now that is not exactly what I would pay,but you can be sure that some-one has.Ya gotta lube up & bend over for most of this four-stroke stuff,probably because they are the new thing and generally are owned by slightly older,more affluent dirt riders.These guys(FMF etc.)know thier market demographics and they are making a killing.

Freshy - FMF versus Std YZ426 comparison. Just a subjective observation. How do you manage to 'hear' a 5dB difference?

Then again, the noise of my bike is behind me when I'm lappin' YZ's :)


'00 WR400F, YZ Timing, FMF Power Core IV2, Renthal Bars.

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PeteZ - That's cool. I think the topic resurfaced because FMF actually shipped a few of their promised quiet silencers. I have one, and if someone were riding in sensitive areas - YES, without a doubt, this silencer will help to keep them quiet.

fershy - I understand that PeteZs estimate was in CAD $. My point was that the silencer is the main item you will gain something from. It weighs less and it is more quiet. If that is all you buy - then it would be considerably less. The header is just extra $$$ - but if you bust a stocker it will be cheaper to replace it with the FMF one.

- Sean

I just installed a FMF IV Q on my Canadian WR250F and this new pipe is noticeably louder than the OEM Canadian pipe. Does anyone know what the stock Canadian pipe db rating was?

Hey, what about the Super Trap system? As I understand it, they are Stock on the KTM biks and those guys love em to death. Any one running one of these things? They have a quite core and internal disk system that looks sharp. I am still running stock US uncorked pipe, I like being able to chuck the baffel in to run it in my back yard so I can check the oil with out getting locked up. Also WHERE DO YOU GET A VOR TIP FROM? I see every one has these things in their signatures but I have never been able to track down price or where to get one.


I Have a used IDS with a quiet core if you are interested. The sound level is comparable to the FMF IV Q, however, the throttle response and low/mid power of the IV Q is better than the Supertrapp. The Supertrapp is comparable on top. I also have the racing core (sligthly damaged but repairable) for the Supertrapp. It is very loud but hauls on top. Not a good woods setup as it is soft down low, though. Email if interested.

I have the FMF Q-2 on a WR250 and a DR-Z400. The new 2 is much quieter than the first one, as I was one of the biggest complainers. The 2 is louder than the stock euro spec muffler, as it is louder than the stock DR-Z setup as well. But it is about the same at the stock KTM racing four-stroke mufflers, as I'm sure they look very similar inside.

The power on both bikes is better than stock and similar to open competition systems without the noise. I'd say it is 94 dB. I'd guess the stock Canadian is 89 dB. The quietiest aftermarket pipe before this was about98db. But you need the Power Bomb herader as that little pre muffler takes a bit of bite out of the sound as well as it seems to smooth the power a little at lower RPMs. The FMF q-2 is not a rip your arms out of the sockets blast of power but very rideable like a stock DR-Z system with a little boost everywhere (on the WR250 and DR-Z400). The only other option for WR 400 owners that I can suggest for noise is the vortip. It slides in the uncorked US spec system and makes the bike about 92 dB. It softens the power through the mid compared to the uncorked pipe but your ears will thank you.

And like I try to tell people... If you need more power, twist the throttle farther. When you find yourself WIDE OPEN ALL THE TIME then maybe you need more power. Noise is the next big enforcement we will be targeted with, especially cause of the increased use of four-strokes and open pipes. We all like to hear a great running bike (for a short time) but not everyone thinks the same. Forget less sound=more ground cause that is as big a scam as green stickers=more riding land. Trust me, a quiet bike goes a long way. The new FMF system is a step in the right direction.


Originally posted by David W:

Freshy - FMF versus Std YZ426 comparison. Just a subjective observation. How do you manage to 'hear' a 5dB difference?

Quite easily. For your info db are a logrithmic function so a sound level of +5 db is almost twice as loud.

The only place for loud pipes is Mexico. This way the cows and locals can hear you comimg! Hey Jimmy are we gonna see you up in the Piutes this summer?


1995 EXC 400

AMA Dist 37

I went to Scotts performance today for lunch and they told me that they have had many complaints about the "Q" saying that they rattle apart and don't provide much power as they say, is this true??? I mean how many versions of the Powercore is FMF gonna come out with?? I've always used their pipes on my 2-strokes because they were SO much better that stock, but I think they might be catering to the mighty dollar...

In my own opinion if you want to ride stealth I don't see how you can beat a good ole' stock pipe with a Vortip!!!!!!!

I know it's really fun to blow money but is this FMF the one that we've all been waiting for??


Is anyone using an Up-Tite Pipe? I bought a used '99 WR400 w/ one and it is LOUD. Wondering if there is anyway to lower the noise level w/ a baffle or something.

I had posted this awhile back in search for a quiet pipe without dishing out $500 for a complete system.

Get a stock YZ pipe ($50-75 used). Any year will do. Then head to the hardware store and buy a 1.5 inch metal drain filter (about $2), the one with about 20 holes each appx 2 mm wide.

Now whack the plug into the silencer with a mallot. It's not permanent, just friction fit.

Now enjoy a lightweight pipe, decent HP (much better than stock WR), very quiet, and inexpensive. If your far from people or at the MX park, just take the plug out with a wrench. I have two of them, one with all the holes intact and one with some cutout.

You CAN feel the difference in power, no question. However the quiet setup, mellow is great for slippery trails or when you're going long distance and need your energy for the long haul. The middle (somewhat cutout) version is fine for all around use. The open setup is stock YZ-loud but linear power.

BTW, the closed setup feels like there is MORE bottom end power with less midrange hit and less topend. Pretty cool for technical trails.

Surprisingly the same jetting works for both corked and uncorked, at least for me. OK, OK, I do have to adjust the pilot screw slightly but the Kouba t-handle adjuster makes it simple.

Scoobydoo, I've posted to tell you that the MMIC uses and SAE sound test procedure which is standardised, is the one that has been used in magazine articles, is used at races etc and came into existence to solve the problem of "meaningless" such as you described. A little research on your end would help how your posts are viewed.

In short, it's dBA scale weighting, slow meter response, no obstacles near the bike to cause reflections, not raining or drizzling (attenuates greatly), meter at 45 deg out right from the rear tip of the muffler, 20" from the rear tip of the muffler, pointed at the muffler, level with the ground, engine revved to proper rev and held there (I'm guessing about 5000 rpm for the YZ/WR 400/426 bikes, I haven't found a published "accepted" rpm yet).

The general impression of it being not quite as quiet as a stock WR pipe, but much quieter than a stock YZ or opened up WR pipe is quite reasonable.

If someone in Toronto has a Q series muffler, bring it on over and I'll test it. If it turns out good I might just buy one myself.

Having a new wr250f and promising my daughter the bike will weigh almost the same as her 250 yz 2-smoke, I have removed parts and cut others down and have come with-in 1 lb. Being a welder by trade I cut the stock pipe in half and tig-welded back together with the result being a minor increase in noise and 2 1/2 lbs. lighter. End of pipe is behind side cover and runs stronger than stock. Saving is weight and $900 of dubious advantage...............Gordon

i have a stock 1998 wr 400 pipe i can sell you. IT is brand new. Hsd the pipe on for a little while then put an FMF megamax pipe on it. Runs great and is fairly quiet. Any way i have a pipe if you want it.

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