Ordered my 450

Placed the order today for it.I got the yellow one.Dealer says sometime probably in november.Now until then I have to sit here and just talk about them. :applause: Any mods that I have to do to these things to make them rideable beside personal stuff like grips(which will have spyder grips on it)?

Im just really excited and im going to :eek: if it doesnt come in soon.


I was going to wait until the shootouts to make my decision. That yellow plastic brings back a lot of memories.

Yea it does bring back memories.Now if only I was born earlier so I could have seen Hannah ride in person.That would have been soo cool.

But besides a chain,sprockets,grips is there anything else I need to do to the bike at first?I always tear it down first and lube everything very well.

Im with you on this one....

Waiting till November to get mine...Gonna throw some RG3's, Twinwalls, and some Spider Grips to start, other than that, I will have to wait and see.

I would like to see the shootout results also...

Last night I rode a CRF450, and OMG, what a huge difference it was as compared to my 426, I felt like I did when I switched from my 97 CR250 to my 01 426, going from a Yugo to a Caddy, now the 426 is a Yugo, and the newer 450 is the Caddy...LOL

I just cant wait, I hope they are what they say its cracked up to be!!

Congrats...the worst part is the wait.... :applause:

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