xr650l what do you need to do to it?

thinking about a drz400s or xr650l for dezert exploring, light travel, 2-up woods riding, picnics, commuting, etc... not interested in the 650r since i already have real dirt bikes.

i'm happy with the idea of a cv carb since they typically get better mileage and are less susceptible to temp/altitude differences, and i tend to prefer stock exhausts whenever possible, for quietness and economic reasons.

that said, does the 650l require screwing with the exhaust/jetting to make it run right? my klr650 was happy with slightly richer jetting for the stock exhaust, but now i live at 6500' so stock jetting might not be all that lean.

any thoughts?


do a search for dave's carb mods and that will set you up. also check out dirt rodders.com :applause:

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