XR650R or XR400R for my dad?

Please list the pros and cons of each bike.

Right now my dad has a stock (he won't modify his bikes AT ALL) DRZ 400 S '03.

He can never follow me(15 yr old son) when we go riding because his bike can't handle the stuff my Crf 250X goes on and he's in the mood for a new bike.

He wants a bike that you can just lug up anything, has low maintainence, Lots of torque down low, and that feels stable. He wants the 400 but I told him to look at the 650 as well. The main concern with him is that extra weight.

Cheers, please respond soon I need to show my dad this when he gets off work. :applause:

the 650R has more than enough power and torgue to take him anywhere ... (QUICKLY) ... my buddy has a XR400 with some mods, and he is a better rider than me, but I run him into the ground with my 650L ! ... after riding HIS 400, I am not impressed at all .... all 3 bikes are dependable as a hammer :applause:

If he's not into modding the bike than get him the 400. NO sense in buying a 650R and leaving it corked up.

Really? But won't a corked 650R have hte same sense as a corked 400R?

What's os bad about the 650 being corked?

Both bikes come lean from the factory in order to meet the EPA requirements however the 400 is not as plugged up and will run as delivered from the factory. The 650r is realllllllllyyyyyy plugged up and will overheat if pushed and I believe would not run for the long haul if left stock. The uncorking items are really the way the bike is designed to run and is in fact the way it is delivered over seas.

he's your dad and he now has a bike with a button....

he will hate trying to kickstart those dinasours...especially the XR400...its a lot harder to get going than the 650r...which can be a challenge.

what about a WR450?

Reliable, fast but not scary, cheap, has the button, low maintenance.

I would bet $3 that if you took all three bikes out for a weeklong ride--he would end up buying the blue one. Get a low miles '04.

Thx, sounds great, I've always been kinda a Yamaha fan.....Thanks for clarifying that stuff about the 650.

My dad's kinda broke as of now because he bought a new car last year (acura TSX), his DRZ 400, a nice tv, a gibson les paul, and a 06 Honda Ridgeline,(effing SUCKED not having a pick-up to haul a dirt bike with). My dad is afraid of the 450s though....All that power. With that comment about wanting to show him the Yamaha, I don't think he'd like all that power, but at this point he might even look at an XR250....

He's reading this right now and he wants a super plush ride.

Dude, why doesn't your dad just get the dirt only DRZ-400E, which has electric start?

Why does he need to change at all? He really should reconsider making a few sensible modifications to his DRZ. A pipe will lighten the load and increase horsepower. Noise is not required. Take those stupid rubber inserts off of the pegs. There's a bit of weight that can come off too. (fender supports, brackets, smog plumbing, etc.)

He should also put some bad gas in your bike. You going slower will make him feel faster. :):applause::eek:

I agree with what targetdrone says, I've ridden the DRZ4 and think they are a good mousetrap.It would handle low speed lugging well (much better than a WR which are known for being easy to stall).The only weakness being the low ground clearance, which the XR650R shares mind you.

The XR4 is a touch lighter, has less top-end power and is a simpler bike, but really an XR4 isn't really a step up and you can make the DRZ a weapon after some stripping of weight and setting up.

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