XR 650 L: Loosing Oil?

I'm concerned it seems like my XR-L is using/loosing oil. I can go from 3/4 the way up the dip stick to not even showing after 200 miles on the road.

Bike is in Supermoto trim, stock engine (16,000 mi), rejetted with filter & pipe. Inside of the airbox isn't oily so I don't seem to be pumping it out, it doesn't smoke, and I can't find a leak. I check the oil by warming it up, turning it off waiting 30s to 1minute and the check. What's up am I crazy or what?

Have abuddy watch it when you let off and come on the gas, that's when you will notice the blowby. Rings and valve guides tend to be the issue but it doesn't blow oil out the exhaust all the time. My rings went bad about a year after converting to SM....they get pretty hot.

might want to wait a little longer on the check time

my $.02

I had the same prob. I wasnt waiting long enough. Even droped the oil and found sure enough it was all their.

It's pretty much a black art, barely understood, rarely mastered. I would suggest after a oil and filter change, (put in the recommended amount, 2.2 quarts I think, make sure you measure it), get it nice and hot, shut it off and with the bike vertical, not on the side stand, check the dipstick as quickly as possible. Use this as a reference and repeat when you check the oil level. I can never get the same thing twice on mine, and all bikes have a different rate of oil seepage back through the pump, so keep the time alfter you shut it off and check constant. Seems like temperature also plays a part in the level.

Thanks for the help. I'm looking towards the rings since I've been pretty consistent with the oil level timing check (within 10-15 secs). Especially since I've been abusive to this motor.

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