wr450f with now power

:applause: hi there i've just bought a 2004 wr450f brand new i've just ran it in and took it out to see how much power it had well disapointed is not the word for how i feel i'm from the uk i think its an import but not sure do they put any major restrictions on them ???? mods like the throttle stop do that make that much difference ?

yes big difference search for "free mods"..ull change ur mind once u do them...exhaust mod, grey wire, throttle stop, air box..

If It has a throttle stop, then you need to remember the carb is only able to open 1/4 to 1/2. So the bike will be extremely weak on power. Shave that throttle stop, its only a small bolt stopping things up........................................

Straight from the dealer the beast within the WR450 is greatly constrained. Start with ordering a YZ450 throttle stop screw Part# 5JG-14591-00-00 and replace the existing one. This is biggest BANG for the buck, and you'll be able to wrap the throttle wide open. It's not the same bike once you pass the 1/2 way mark. If you're really power hunger and have good medical insurance cut the grey wire controlling the timing restrictions. All of the free mods are described in detail under various forums here.

Read up on this link. www.thumperfaq.com The webpage is talking about a WR250F, but all the mods apply to the WR450 as well.

thanks for all ur replys i have just taken out my throttle stop and it measures full lenth 37mm with the stem lenth 32mm how long should it be ? also on the exhaust mod how do i do this the links above show a defferent pipe to mine mine as like a stupid looking bendy bit at the end of it

Mate I know exactly how you feel-I thought the same when I bought mine. You NEED to do all the mods ESPECIALLY get a new pipe, the bike is then like night and day, totally different, I couldnt believe how much more power I got out of it once I had jetted it and done the mods. Its drastically restricted and detuned in stock form.

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