New springs for my BRP

I am going to change my fork springs and my rear shock spring. I am 6'3'' and weigh about 260. I was wondering if I should get them for my weight or a little softer. I don't want my suspension too stiff, but it needs to handle my weight also. I don't race the bike, but I ride in the high desert in Ca. where we ride pretty fast. I also cruise with my kids alot. My 650r has 50 miles on it and I love it, but the suspension has to be done. What brand of springs should I get? I need something that wont beat me to death when I am cruising and something to handle a little abuse. Thaks.

eibach .48--about $100. Add some 5 wt oil about 90mm from the top when fully compressed. race tech would be a second choice for various reasons...

yes thats slightly light for your weight--but you arent doing any triples and desert bikes need lighter springs...unless you are a sand woop king.

I went through Precision Concepts and picked up Eibach springs for the pig.

Couldn't be happier :applause:

Eibach springs..... :applause:

give george at espa good guy will set you up in about 4 work days just did mine and cant wait for the weekend .1 818 2496744 he,s in la crescenta off the 210

Precision Concepts or ESP are top quality shops. Pay the extra money and let the pros handle your suspension. After all it's about the most important thing on a offroad bike.

Plus after it's done they can help you fine tune it. Give them a try you won't be dissapointed.

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