Smog tube on my 05 WR450?

I want to get rig of the smog tube that goes from the head to the air box. I have been told that IT is what make the bike back fire when I get out of the throttle. I know there is a kit out there but I don't know who makes it. Has any one else had this problem and did it fit it?

Click on the link at the top of this forum titled: Attention 2005 WR450 Owners....The link will get you to the AIS removal kit sold by TT and made by a TT member who is a machinist. You will get 3 plugs and an instruction sheet for installation. The stock jetting is pretty lean even up here at 5,280'. Check out the jetting sticky; also at the top of this forum. Spend a few bucks on jets, or pop for the JD kit and you'll have "everything" Do a search on free mods for the rest.

thanks, got the pipe and jetting done, this will be the last thing I'll need to do.

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