D.I.Y pipe welded up and on

just got back from muffler shop, pipe mig'd up, stuck it straight on and out the paddock and up the road.

sounds great on deceleration and over jumps, seem to be able to pick it up in 4th easier, i'm sure it was 'cleaner' and faster in top end ( speedo is dodgy from too many high speed wheelie landings),

seemed to start a little easier and did'nt need hotstart after riding hard for a while.

. $39 aus is good value too.

i noticed that after only 5-8 km of riding there was black soot inside the pipe, you should be able to see finger mark in one of the photo's. would this indicate it is too rich. someone did suggest this when i had another problem starting.



what do you think?


At least you had fuel this time :eek::applause:

yeah thanks, and no water in it.

Can you get the end of the pipe rolled back to make it look nicer......................................... if you care about that sort of thing.

yeah i should cause now my mates will have to see it from that angle more often.................

I did mean to get the muffler guy to put a slight flange on the end to make it look more bought, but i was in too much of a hurry to get home and try it. might see if i can get a small chrome extension though, that might look the part. looks are lower on my priority but you're right it does need something.

Yes, a sooty pipe outlet means you're too rich...prob'ly due to more back pressure ;8^P


can pls tell us wat u did to ur wr pipe,

wats the diameter of the welded on outlet& how long is it,

thanks. :applause:

the plate inside the pipe has a hole to hold the out let pipe. it's not welded but it does have a collar on it. I removed it and cut a 37mm hole in the end plate for the pipe to fit through. the pipe i put in is 38mm ( up from 26) it is approx 250mm long and goes through the plate in the pipe. I also drilled two 10mm holes in the plate inside to let it flow better..

hope that makes sense

good luck


somebody else did something similar,

hope he didnt mind i post his link here,


yeah that's exactly how i got the old outlet out. great minds think alike, only that guy has a bit more class than me. looks good polished and with a bit ofa lip on it. wish i'd seen that before, but anyway, i would have done the same thing.

thanks for that.

I feel i should note, that i enlarged the hole in the baffle with a conical shaped grinding bit ( i said 37 mm in previous post because i pressed it in so it would be tight and not vibrate if/when the metal heated and expanded)in the drill and the outlet pipe goes through the baffle, where that guy said to line up the hole. don't now what difference that would make, but i put a couple of 10mm holes in the baffle too. definitely going to polish.

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