edelbrock is installed.

I just finished installing my new carb..

positioned the piston just past TDC. pumped the throttle 3 times, and kicked.. BAARooom, thump, thump, thump, thump :applause:

Oh.. yes... I like it very much. Once again ThumperTalk has steered me Right.

Sounds like it is set up right.

If you have any issues heres some tips on how to adjust it (very easy to do)

1) adjust for the first 1/8th - 1/4 of throttle from full no throttle. With the bike running (you might have to have the tank loosened up and just sitting on the bike...)

Wack your throttle fast on from a warmed up idle. Adjust the little screw on the side of the carb-thats your pumper adjust. Adjust until there is NO hesitation at all. To much or to little pump squirt will make for a slight hiccup or slight hesitation. Keep wacking it and turning the screw until you get it right. You will know when its there...

2) adjust for 1/4 to full throttle. go ride the bike--with it warmed up ride it hard--hold it open in a lower gear for a bit longer than normal--if it pops on de-acceleration you are too lean. Go back to the truck-with the engine off-reach up to the red knob on top fo the carb--and with the throttle held steady wide open-turn the knob--right for rich, left for lean. Often its right on from the factory--but if you are expereinceing popping when you go suddenly off the gas--thats whats up...its lean. go rich. If you are to rich you will get poor milage and eventually carbon will build up...plus the bike will be harder to start.

Irondude kicks ass...glad to see you around...its great info!!

Good to see you are happy Desmo...I have my 01 XR buried in my garage...it has a brand new pumper sitting on it...never been fired...I also have a brand new Moriwaki exhaust that has yet to be installed...if I could ever get out from this pile of RC51 parts....well someday next week it will come alive!!!

Glad to hear about your Edelbrock carb.. :applause: It makes the BRP come alive the way it should be....... :eek:

the red and handled needle adjustment screw comes with a warning not to over tighten or you will damage it.. What kind of damage are they talking about?? And should i leave the adjuster in the carb.. or put the silver plug back in after the carb is set up properly?

Its pipe threaded, So just snug it, don't titen like a bolt...... :applause:

I've left my adjuster in......... :eek:

sorry to bug in with my own question here but don't you have to re jet the carb? i am still waiting for mine to arrive, and was thinking that i would have to order jets as soon as my carb arrives to adjust to my bike

One of the many advantages of the edelbrock is that there are is only one 'jet' -- and it can easily be adjusted from the outside of the carb! (hold the throttle open, and turn the red knob)

The (needle) jet can be raised or lowered to affect the amount of fuel going in. its just like if you could dial the size of a Mikuni or Keihin mainjet. The edelbrock has a knob on the top of the carb that makes the adjustment. Its SO SO SO easy--its almost too easy--as in -- its almost confusing that it is all so simple.

The carbs come from the factory set up for the brp, but some guys will need to adjust it (altitude, aftermarket stuff on the bike, etc.).

There are 2 other needle jet sizes available but they are really for guys with built motors, etc. and rarely used.

If you are a guy that goes between stock and opened up exhausts then you will have to adjust back and forth-no big deal--but otherwise its a set it and forget it -- one time -- adjustment for the edelbrock....at least until you add the race cam, 680 piston and Ti valves... :applause:

the carb. comes with 2 extra needles but they are not just for build-up motors.. one needle is a size leaner and the other is one size richer.

I went out to the garage 4 times yesterday just so i could grin at the bike starting with 1 kick. :eek::applause:

I'm going to Stoddard wells on sunday to really run it.. and fine tune the jetting.

I cant wait to crash... hehe.. and just kick it and go.

what do you guy's think of the mikuni pumper carb? there must be pros and cons to both i ordered the edelbrock because it was cheaper but i have been waiting over two months and am about to cancel and order the mikuni that is only three day's away. the only thing i heard good about the mikuni is replacement parts are easier to obtain.

desmo, once you get your needle tuned for the best performance from ~1/3 to WOT, work on tuning the accelerator pump. Once you find the 'range' where you're getting the best off idle throttle response, work on fine tuning within that range in 1/8 turn increments until your initial throttle response is razor sharp. I find it easiest to tune on hardback (dry lake bed, road, etc) where you can better feel the changes because of better hookup. Initial throttle response from quick blips should be much sharper, more pronounced and instant once the pump is properly tuned. Instantly lofting the front end on trails should be easier than ever. I still like my Edelbrocks :applause:

big red, the Mikuni is also a good carb. Pros and cons have been posted here on TT numerous times in various forums. Did the people you ordered through give you any ETA on the Edelbrock? The Edelbrock wait game gets old very quickly and I've played that game too along with quite a few people. Their customer service has been great and they've taken care of problems in a timely manner from what I've heard and read, but their production or planning, etc, needs help. You'll probably be happy with either carb once its properly tuned.

ThumperTalk located the Edelbrock in inventory me a couple of weeks ago....

on hand and ready to ship..contact them.

ya i talked to the dealer today and we changed the order to the mikuni should have it this week. i'd be perfectly happy with the stock carb if it was a pumper so i'm sure i'll be happy with either carb once i get it set up


Something is wrong with my carb... If the throttle is opened more than Half way, it will not return to idle..it just stays there..

I thought maybe the cables were binding, but after removing them and working the carb by hand, it still sticks open.

Next i removed the wire link that connects the pump plunger to the slide wheel. and the slide worked just fine..

Pushing the plunger down more than half way will make it stick in place, and it feels notchy going up and down..

Strangely enough, even with out the pump, the bike carborated better with the broken edelbrock than it did with the stock carb... Heh.. go figure.

I hope someone can shed some light on this problem...

Is it still under warranty...?? :applause:

I believe there is a spring under the accelerator pump, maybe it broke..

Maybe some dirt got in there....

That sucks having problems already, but poop does happen,.. :eek:

Let us know what you discover...... :)

desmo, was your carb brand new or used? Do you have a black or brown boot on the pump circuit?

If it's new, go back to the company you bought it from and they should promptly take care of you and so will Edelbrock, but this is also a chance to see how well your dealer helps you out. If it's used, Edelbrock will help out and they're usually pretty quick about it too from what I've heard. :applause:

The carb. is new. and the boot is brownish. Is there a differance more than color?

qadsan, Whats with the boot color, Type of material or :applause:

The older carbs from a couple years ago had black boots and some parts under the boot were prone to corrision if dirt / water somehow got inside the boot from what I recall and the pump circuit would feeze up if conditions were right. Edelbrock made some improvements to make those parts more corrosion resistant and changed the color of the boot to brown at that time. I don't recall all the details anymore, but the carbs with the brown boots which have been around for the last couple years are the newer improved versions. I still have one of the original carbs from 2001 with the black boot and it's still working flawless.

If the dealer can't help out in a timely manner, I'm sure Edelbrock will step up to the plate and help out :applause:


I own both. I have a Mikuni somewhere for an XR4. I have Edelbrock Quiksilvers on both our XR4 and XR3 (big bored 250). The performance is better, but the ease of starting is worth the money by itself..


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