Subframe Help

Anyone have any experience with the Park Tool Handlebar and Subframe Straightener? I bent my subframe up pretty good. It's a real expensive OEM replacement cost. I see there are aftermarket ones available for the YZ450 from AC Racing. I hear it is compatible except for the coolant reservoir. Can anyone verify this information?

I second that request, will the yz450 subframe work with the wr450, welding a res. mount takes about 5 min, and the aftermarket subframes for the yz are 250 buck cheaper than Yamaha's aluminum plated gold.

Look on eBay. Subframes are for sale all the time there. I got a YZ Al subframe there for about $70. No need to weld a coolant res boss. I used 3 zip ties on the lower mounting hole wrapped around the frame tube and it works like a charm,

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