choke and hotstart questions

On a good running properly jetted 99 400, when hot... what effect should it have on the bike if you suddenly pull the choke out for no good reason when it´s hot and idling? Should it die, slow down, or run faster? Also, same question for the hot start... what should the bike do from a hot idle when you suddenly pull it? I think my bike is finally getting really close on the Jetting, but am curious about this.

Mark Sheldon

The bike should die on the choke.

My WR just idles very very roughly with the hot start on when not necessary and will dye if I don't shut it soon enough.... well now the problem is not occuring anymore because I've upgraded with a DrD hot start... it works sooo nice! But then my jetting is not perfect yet.

hotstart is the opposite of a choke in that it leans out the air/fuel. by rights the bike shouldnt die with the choke on until it fouls the plug cos it'll just have been running richer

You will kill it if you pull out the choke when it's already warmed up. Trust me, I know from experience.

If you pull out the hot start, it will run faster at first then it will die.

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