lookin @ 01 yz426

hey all,

im new to this section of TT due to me ridin a wr400. but im movin up gears and lookin at an 01 YZ426.

I'm goin to have a look at the bike tomoz arvo and im lookin for some info on the bike, like how they go (similar hit to the yz450?) and the problems (if any) that can occour over time and preventative things i can do to stop it.

I know they have titainium valves, beefier clutch, better designed pipe & carb settings over the 2000 model, am i right ???

Are there any tell tale signs of problem bike bar the obvious, dirty filter, oil, hard to start when cold (valves)

The owner says it is in immaculate condition with about 30hrs on it since new. (he didnt own the bike new !)

but any advise or hints and tips for buyin a 2nd hand moto would be really appreciated.


I have an 01 and I love it. I moved up from a 125, so It's a lot different. No real problems so far (once you learn how to keep it running and restarting). Mine is like new too. The guy was afraid of it and never rode it. The thing is a beast.

It might just be perception, but the newer bikes do look to be easier to start. I've had good luck restarting mine, but if you stall it in a race, you can just forget about keeping your position.

Good luck. I hope that it works out for you.

Most tters will tell you they are very reliable bikes. Specially considering it's a full motocrosser.

The main difference with the earlier 450s (03 and up) other than the bigger displacement is that the 450s have an auto decomp exhaust cam. You can fit an earlier yz450 exhaust cam in it if you want the auto decomp. It works pretty good. The bike becomes really easy to kickstart with such a cam.

You will also have a steel subframe... I'm not sure though when the alu one came out. Think it was in 2003.

I have a YZ timed 01WR 426 with stock cams, a FMFpc4 and it hits very hard as soon as the rpm is above low midrange.

Those 01 are almost impossible to hate to my opinion.

Not to forget that there is a lot of aftermarket available for these bikes...

01 YZ's have an aluminum subframe.

but if you stall it in a race, you can just forget about keeping your position.

I can stall mine and it usually starts up first kick after with the hot start..

I wouldnt be too worried about starting it, the first few days i had it i would stall it and then flood it trying to start it but i got the hang of it really quick, now its natural.

I can stall mine and it usually starts up first kick after with the hot start..

I wouldnt be too worried about starting it, the first few days i had it i would stall it and then flood it trying to start it but i got the hang of it really quick, now its natural.

I second all of that.

I did not know the 01 had an alu subframe, thanks for the rectification :applause:

i just have gotten back from checkin out this bike and guess what.....

1. its a 2000 model, has full blue seat not two tone like on 01

2.the 10th VIN number was a "y" proving it was a 2000 model

3. has the header pipe that blocks the oil filter ( dead giveaway !)

4.the oil was black as !

5. he couldnt find a 10mm ring spanner so i coud inspect the air filter :applause:

6. lots of movment in swingarm bearings/ and wheel bearings

but except that the bike is very tight.

started 1st kick

very little rub marks on the side of the frame and underside of frame

about a 1mm divit in the chain slider at front of swingarm

radiators are untouched

no unusual sounds from the engine, quite good though i thought !!!

original tyres

didnt get to ride it cause it was dark

But dont think im tryin to put down '00' models at all, im not, just a little precautious on buyin 2nd hand bikes, and a little annoyed that he was lying bout it.

also the bike was dirty when i was lookin at it, chain wasnt lubed, and like i said he couldnt find a 10mm ring spanner so i think this bike was neglected in terms of maintainence

a price tag of $4500 firm was also attached

I think i should take a miss on this one, what do you all think ????

$4500!!!!!! :p:applause::eek::) The guys is out of his freakin mind. I have a 2000 426 that IS in great condition. It has a brand new (precautionary only) top end. A brand new 01 clutch mod, new 560 on the front, and a star cross on the back with 85% left. New chain and sprocks, Boysen Quick Shot, FMF pipe, etc. I have nurtured this bike! Oil (synth only) and filter after every hard day riding, otherwise every other ride. This bike will freakin fly! I'm having back surgery Tuesday, so I'm going to sell it while in recovery and save for an 06 in October. All yours for $2300 (except I see you are waaaaaaay down under :p )

who 4500 damn hes on crack. im going to be selling my 01 426 here in a few weeks i loved this bike although i have never rode a stock version of it. mine already had a full pipe, the free carb mods done, a power now, tech care fully done up suspension. you know all kinda goodies on it. im thinking thats why i liked it so much. i have had zilch zero problems with mine. i rode it woods and motox. i am however going red, sorry guys i know i suck. any way overall they are great bikes. when i do sell mine it will be for 2800 obo. so i would keep looking unless down there in ausi that is a good price, i dont know im just saying you guys may have a differnt value system or something that drives up prices on these bikes. if you take care of these bikes they will take you anywhere you want to go.

I just sold my 01 426 for 4200 CAD this past spring. Remember he's talking in Australian currency

my 01 only brought $2500 last December and it was mint.

Well our exchange rate over here to U.S. is about .75 cents to the dollar, you can do the maths on that, but here $4500 for that year model is crazy ! he'll be waiting forever to get ride that bike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankx for the feed back,

peace lads....

i'll probably cop an earful for stating the obvoius but REBELEX is talking aussie dollars and i get the feeling that biznet1, godzuki and arel451 are all speaking u.s. dollars. $4500 is a good price for a blue bike in australia. a friend picked up a yz426 for $4700 and all it needed was shimming and jetting and it made more power than one with a white bros full exhaust on it! theres only one deal that was better than the $4500 that i've heard of was a yz426 for $2500 cos three shops couldn't figure out that the cam chain was soo stretched it threw the timing out by 10degrees! a cam chain later and the guy was laughing with a 426 that ran like new for under $3000!

It depends on where you are in Australia, what state are you in ??? Im in NSW out west and we 99yz400's selling for round $3800. I picked up a 99 WR400 for $4000 with it fully decked out with aftermarket stuff plus all stock ADR gear and random bits and pieces. My mate hunted for bout a week and got an 04 WR450 for $6000 that is immaculate and has 1500km on it !!!

its crazy how much they have dropped in the last 18months. It really depends on where your live, how far your willing to travel and how well you can find good deals :applause:

i paid 3000 for my 01 426 in perfect condition starts first kick all bearings good good tires. u can find 426s for three grand all the time theres now way i would pay 4500 for a 2000 no matter wat condition it was in

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