worn out rear spring ?

I bought a rear spring about 1-2 years ago and seems like it is really spongy/soft now. I got an eibach. presume they are good quality ? Anyone else experiance same problem ? I now scrape fender easily and have shock just rebuilt with new bumper , and still have problem. Last time I checked sag it was ok ( didnot have full water in camel back)

supposedly, the Eibach springs are supposed to hold their rate for many years, or so they say ... but anybody can have one miss heat-treat or somehting (I had a Buck knife once that was as soft as aluminum, they said it missed a treat process, and replaced it ) ... just a guess :applause:

Wearing out a spring on a dirtbike is virtually impossible from an engineering standpoint. This is illustrated but the simple fact that sag is still fine. I won't go into the engineering details of metal fatigue and stress relaxation, but suffice to say that in a motorcycle application, especially the rear suspension, you would encounter more surface wear than cycling stress.

One of three other things are the culprit. First to consider is that the suspension fluid (oil) is worn out. Two, the internal parts of the shock have exceeded thier tolerances (worn out). Three, the shock has lost some of its nitrogen charge.

Send the shoch out to a reputable rebuilder and it will be good as new.

When I started eating my rear fender , I decided to get bumper reinstalled and rr shock . And he is a reputable rebuilder. But still have problems.

Check your sag! If your spring is sacked out you won't be able to set it properly, or will have to use mucho preload.

I wound second what AHRMA17L says.

Yes, Its hard to believe that the spring is worn out, I would be looking for problems elsewhere as already stated.......

I think I'll increase preload more. What happens if you only have 5mm of free static preload of bike weight? I presently have about 25mm.

I bet you need more nitrogen. all the shocks should have the nitrogen pressure checked at least once a year--although almost no one does it! Its super easy to do...

You might also be experienceing shock fade while riding--especially if you are doing longer rides or you've been eating lots of donuts lately....

Its not the spring.

no donuts, but lots of pizza!

I agree with Ahrma (spelling?). The spring is probably fine. It sounds like your shocks dampening ability is in question. Have the shock portion checked out.


is the spring gettin soft or are you gettin heavy? put on 30 pounds and it is liable to sag a little more.

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