Adjustable ignition boxes. WR450

I saw a post about an austrailian made ignition box for 4 strokes, that had like 10 settings, two of which were able to be set up on a handlebar switch.

They were like a yellow box too!!

Anyone know what it was called again? Trying to look into getting one while here in the USA, (cheaper), but cannot find them on the net.

Any ideas?? |Come on, someone must know!! :applause:

USA - Dirt Bikes

MT Racing

7505 Jurupa Ave Riverside, CA 92504 PH: (951) 353 1253 FAX: (951) 353 1259 web: email:

thats out this way towards of the 60 freeway

That's the blighter!!

Cheers, stonie / hotrunin

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