Help! Pig took a dump(sort of)...

I've got a Y2K XR650r, which has pretty much ran flawlessly since purchase.

Motor is stock, only uncorked.

Started it up for a ride today, warmed it up for a few, and hopped on to go and the RPM's woudn't spin up?!?! With the choke in the 2nd position, it will idle, same in third position, but all the way in and it falls on it's face! Ugh.

I drained the float bowl incase there was any water in it, and will drain the gas tank and replace the fuel.

Where to begin? Anything to look for?

Thanks in Advance!

MtnDoo :applause:

Pull the main jet and make sure it is clean. Hit it with some carb cleaner. you will probably find some "varnish" clogging it up.

Pilot jet.

yep carb clean will most likely do it!

and youngr51-love your avatar, tell me its not real, please but i strongly suspect it is:D

Pilot jet.

This is correct. I wrote the wrong one.

Might as well do the both while your in there and your hands smell like gasoline.

Thanks for the suggestions fellas!

Will let ya know if a jet cleaning fixes it.


did you happen to check if the pull throtle cable was broken? i think thats where id go first.

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