Quad morons

Taken from some LA paper in Starbucks! A snippet of news from around the USA-


Two mourners who rode an ATV to a funeral for a man killed in an ATV accident were injured in a smilar accident as they were leaving. Jimmy Spry and Maggan Phillips were not wearing helmets when Spry lost control of the ATV and hit a tree, said Clinton Burley of the Ceredo Voulunteer Fire Dept.

They had attended the funeral of Phillips' brother Dustin. he died of severed head injuries after his ATV hit a tree.

will these guys maybe learn now??

Always wear proper gear boys and girls.

thats a shoe in for a darwin award right there.

he cant win a darwin if he didnt die though

he cant win a darwin if he didnt die though

We'll make an exception for him. :applause:

I say get'm out of the gene pool :applause: . We call guys who ride 4-wheelers with no helmets donors :eek:

I went to a local offroad trail facility here in Ohio, 120 ish acres.... pretty boring....

Anyways, there were probably 20-25 quads there & maybe 4 motorcycles. Probably 95% of the quad riders DID NOT have helmets on & it was VERY muddy/slick on the trails, we couldn't beleive it!

There was a special on HBO about kids who were brain damaged from accidents. One of them wrecked on a quad, was in a coma for a while. When he woke up he had to learn how to be a person again. He was real messed up, brain damaged, didn't act his age any more etc. Well, the show followed up on him after his recovery. There he was, bitching at his mom, drinking etc. His now retarded ass was flying down the road, on a quad, no lid. Pretty lame. I blame the parents for that one, kid was under 18 I think. No way I'd let him have a quad again, especially w/no lid and his horrible attitude, drinking problem, brain damage etc.

All the kids were from MD, the feature was about the MD Shock Trauma center in Baltimore, pretty much the place to be if you've been messed up real bad in an accident. They really did some amazing stuff to save those kids.


he can only get a mention, not a award. i hate when people don't wear helmets. it sets a bad example. i will leave a area if there a too many nonhelmet riders, they usually ride way over there head!

Quads have opened up the off road world to a huge new segment of riders that likely would never have become trail riders. They're so easy to ride that newbies are lulled into a false sense of security by the "stable" platform of a 4-wheeler. I guess you can't educate the masses at the dealer level; because they just think the dealer is trying to pump ther wallets.....Furthermore you just can't legislate people into excercising common sense.

...Furthermore you just can't legislate people into excercising common sense.

Thankfully Mother Nature and the laws of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest take of that for us. Silly little golf cart boys...SC

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