exhaust mod on a 2004 wr450f

hi there i have read all about the exhaust mods but it don't show my exhaust mine as a silly look bendy pipe coming out the end can anyony direct me on how to mode this exhaust have i got a road exhaust on mine ??

try an muffler/exhaust shop and get them to cut the end cap off and mig/tig a downturn one of your choosing on in its place. if its the stock exhaust it should be stainless so a muffler/exhaust shop should be able to hook you up with a new tip and do the welding in-house.

while you have the exhaust in pieces and assuming its the mechanically baffled boat anchor they try to pass off as an exhaust, get them to put some 50mm perf core(60/40 is ideal) in it and wrap it with about 10-13mm of stainless muffler packing before packing the rest of the can with fibreglass muffler packing. the stainless packing helps with sound deadening and stops the fibreglass from blowing out.

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