Muffler Choice

Just Wondering What Muffler Would Be Better Performance Wise

The Pro Circuit T-4 Silencer Or The Fmf Powercore 4. Mainly Ride Bush But Want The Bike To Sound Pretty Tough.

i like my powercore 4, it sounds pretty wicked rattle windows riding around my block, i havent herd the t-4, but yoshis are pretty bad too, but there $$$$..

I have a Big Gun on mine and love the hell out of it. I had a buddy take mine for a test ride around my entire neighborhood and from my front yard I could hear him the whole time and tell when he was shifting. :p

Awsome performance and it's great for pissing off all the neighbors late at night. :applause::eek::)

I've got a Yosh...........LOUD, but not so proud(anymore). My next bike will have a "quiet" pipe on it. Too many land closure issues with loud pipes these days.

My buddy has a White Bros E2. It is very quiet with the quiet insert and it rips real good when he takes the insert out. It has an awesome throaty sound when opened up. I have a GYT-R and I love it, but its not as quiet as I would like with the quiet cap on it. We ride 'quiet' on Forrest Service and such, but let her rip on the private stuff we ride.

I have the FMF Q 2 I love how quiet it is an better performance over stock. I don't need a loud bike! Stealth is nice an maybe I can ride longer.

I bought the DR.D with spark aresstor the performance is awesome.Read the story of Doug Dubach Racing & devlopement.the best part is the price and you wont be disappointed with the performance!!!

fmf pc4 is my preference having bought one myself and i'm really happy with it.

i have heard that titanium when hot gets brittle but it could be urban legend cos otherwise i imagine the titanium valves would snap pretty regularly if they became brittle.

Dr. D full system. No need to look any further. :applause:

Still waiting for my Procircuit Ti GP system to turn up.........

is anyone running the e2?

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