First Valve check how many of your bikes needed adjusted??

Have about 8-10 good full rides on my bike and I was wondering how many of you took your bike in and found your valves out of spec?? I asked my dealer about this and he told me that he would not worry about my bike sice I don't race and he has seen lots of 426's that are fine what do you think???

Don't worry about it's not a Honda :eek: Mine is still in spec.after 3 year's :applause:

Mine have never needed adjustment either.

Mine is still in spec.after 3 year's :applause:
I did the first ever valve adjust on my 250F in May or June of '04. The 450 still doesn't need it.

Over a year here, cked them four times,

and all with in specs.

my 2002 yamaha yz250f has been rock solid. the first valve check (fall of 2004 sometime?) all were within spec.

Checked my YZFs every 15hrs use & they never needed adjusting.

Sold after 1year, still ok

Mine has been fine at 1yr.

Mine has about 30 hours on it and they are still in range.

I've checked mine a couple of times, they were still in spec on my YZ450 , but they were also in spec on my KXF250. Maybe as long as they ain't Honda'sthe valves will last?

How will the engine run (if at all) if they were out of spec?

The engine will run just fine unless they are off big time (too little (which is the way they will go when they wear out) and you could end up with burnt valves, too much and you get noise from the valve train).

I needed to adjust them a bit after break-in (10 hours or so), but after that, they were still in spec after 135 hours, when I replaced the valves and springs.

Hi Snow , Everytime i check, they are within spec.I have just covered 10,000km, the first owner did around 6,000km.

Now my 2002 WR 426 F sonud's and pull's stronger & stronger !

Never been adjusted , but oil changed every 1,500 km.

That seems to help.

Good Luck


Mine were out of spec. when I first got it (only very slightly). 05 yz450 if it matters

My middle intake valve was out of spec after break in. Nothing has budged since.

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