Dual Sport Mirrors???

Does anyone have any recommendations on mirrors for a Dual Sport Application??? I have seen the Acerbis fold down model and understand that it is rather succeptable to vibration. Has anyone tried changing the pearches to a screw mount model?




Thanks Rich this looks exactly what I was looking for.


I used an Acerbis mirror for several months- they are for show only. They are useless for seeing what's behind you. I put a Ken Sean folding dual-sport mirror on my bike. It works as well as any stock motorcycle mirror. You do need to replace part of the clutch perch for it. MSR makes a mirror adapter that works great. The total price for both pieces (mirror and adapter) is about $35 US. I got the mirror from Dennis Kirk. The address to Dennis Kirk is http://www.denniskirk.com. Search for part no 391305 in the dirt bike catalog.

Check out this link to the adapter from MSR (scroll down on the page to see it): http://www.msracing.com/hpdual.htm

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