2004 glows red at night at idle

What causes that?

I have a gyt pipe, air fiter gyt. free mods and JD jetting...

I living in Lower Michigan 890 above sea level.

Would that be the air mixture screw or does it need to go up to a size 48 pilot jet.

2004 wr450F

Don't worry, it's normal. :applause:

So they all do this?

I was wondering if I should move up from a 45 PJ to a 48

Yes they all do it, completely normal.

No need to worry, my completely stock 2005 WR450F glowed on it's virgin ride last week. Concerned me at 1st till I researched it. I've since done the throttle stop and baffle, no difference in the glow but it sure came to life. What a rocket!

I'll bet the engine was running. Its normal. Ignore it. :applause:

:p I think every new WR owner posts this question :) then does a search for reassurance. Maybe WR guys ride their bike more at dark, or just like to hear them run. :applause:

48 pilot will help the bike e-start when winter comes, but no need this time of the year. Search the mods, lots of improvements available..enjoy :eek:

What causes that?
Heat. The head pipe is single wall Ti.

My dealership told me when they gave me my 'orientation' deal when I bought my bike. They apparantly didnt tell my bro when he bought his, man did he freak. :applause::eek::):p:p

I have an 2003 and 2004 WR 450.. They both glow red..

My girl rides one too.. Sold my tt125 and bought a wr450 for her...

I need to order another jet kit for the 2003...

It has the gyt filter and free mods with an fmf pipe and it dies off idle sometimes

btw it has the 2004 needle now and 2004 leak jet...

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