Con rod replacement, what else should I do while im in there?

Well I am still in the process of getting my bike going again after it unfortunately ran without oil. So far the casualties include the piston, cylinder, wrist pin and small end of the con rod. The bike is a 99 400f I have already sent the cylinder off to be bored and re plated for a 420 kit. I guess I could've just made it a 426 but I hadn't planned on replacing my rod until I really looked at it and decided that it was smarter to do so.

I haven't had to split my cases before and was wondering if I can just use a steering wheel puller to get them apart?

While I've got the cases apart what else should I look at replacing for preventive maintenance, like which bearing, o-rings etc..?

Any recommendations on Simone to rebuild my crank with a new rod or somewhere to get a new crank? I'd like to get it up and going asap so if some where has quicker turn around time than somewhere else that would be good.

Thanks for any advice,


I'm no expert, but maybe main bearings, cam chain with tensioner and oil seals for drive axle, clutch actuator arm and shift axle. Also, keep an eye out for anything that looks worn.

Good luck.

I split my cases recently and the only tools that were essential were the flywheel puller ($13 at the local store) and a clutch basket holder tool. I'm sure all your bearings are going to be toast... pop one out and have a look and see if it smell burnt. Also closely inspect the trans and shift forks for wear. I ended up replacing most of my gears, every bearing, oil pump and getting my cylinder punched after my oil pump failed a while back. About $1200 invested so far..... :applause:

Go to for cheap OEM parts.

new compleat crank to be on the safe side???

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