99 float valve needle

Can someone confirm whether or not my float needle is supposed to have a the llittle spring loaded nipple or not? I keep seeing reference to them having one and mine does not...it´s SOLID have I got some sort of halfbreed Kawasaki needle in my carb? :eek::applause::)

maybe it´s just STUCK in the compressed position? Why are all my little problems BIZZARE ONES??? :p

Ok well just in case anyone was wondering, my valve was stuck... very-stuck which made me think it was lacking a spring at all. I replaced the faulty valve and my rich problem went away, now I'm able to run a 165 main at a reasonable clip level and the RIP is back... baby. Oh, and that 15/49 gearing really took the snap out of my snap, crackle, pop... 14/49 is like a new bike again.


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