Need advise when buying off showroom floor.

Awsome information from people on my previous yz450 posts. thanx There is a local dealer in my area that still has a brand new 04' yz450 on their showroom floor. What would be a good price to throw at them to get the best deal? Here is what we talked about when I first went in the dealership: they said the original price was $6299, the would sell it to me for $5500. I offered them $4600. They said no, they owed too much on it. I looked on and for a retail on the 04' its closer to my figure that I gave them. They called my house and left a message to call them back. So I wonder...if they said ok with 4600 do u think I could get it for even lower? I am excited and may blow my chances but need some negotiating advice on this really bad! Please reply asap because I plan to go back tomorrow(Sat.) to work this out. :applause::eek:

If you've offered them $4600, I doubt they'll go lower.....I could be wrong though. :applause: General rule with haggling is start low, they can only say no. Then, you can offer more, until a mutual price is met. They said $5500, you came back with $4600, they said no. I would guess the reason they rang you would be to try and meet you somewhere between $4600-$5500. If they were willing to take $4600, and you offered less, they would probably point you to the door. Good luck. :eek:

$4600 is a pretty good deal as long as you do NOT let them add freight and prep charges.

I got an '04 in 04 shipped to me for $5100 from Rock River Powersports.

Hell, unless you're set on buying local, he could probably get you an '05 for close to what you are going to pay for that '04. Email him and see what he will do.

Mike DuClos

Tell him you heard about him on Thumpertalk.

I bought all three of our bikes from him.

I saw one at Chaparral in SoCal, brand new 2005 $4,800, including fees. They had ALL of their 2005 dirt bikes discounted.

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