Anyone tried a GYT-R pipe?

If so what was your opinion of it? Thinking of one for my 05. Thanks.

I have it on the 2004 WR450 and it sounds awesome... You gotta get one.. Fit and finish was great.

I am running a full GYT-R race exhaust. on a scale from 1-10 i would rate it a 7.0.....from what dyno test i have seen the "Dr. D." seems to be Superior to the other pipes. I know he use to be a factory rider years ago and i think he still has a lot to do with the racing development department. The man knows Yamaha's.

I bought the DR D I did alot of reading & research before I bought a pipe..??I got the DR D. and highly recommend it!!Bolt on pwr which all of us love..A little cash$$ but cheaper than most other pipes.Bolts up perfect in 10 minutes.I bought the SA model which means spark arrestor.I also bought the full system, now I would just buy the silencer because the head pipe stock is Titanium.Also I didnt buy a Gromett kit or bolt kit..One web site said you needed it for the WR but the other site didnt.Just use your stock gromett& bolts Your done in minutes..I took INDYS advice after I put my pipe on I still had the AIS system in place...It will POP in the exhaust on deceleration even with stock pipe. spend the 30$$ get that removal kit it works no more Popping..Read the Dubach Racing history the man has more seat time on the Yamaha 4stroke than anybody,this where it all started guys..

I have the Carbon GYT-R pipe and I love it. If I could change one thing I would make the quiet cap a little more quiet. The power is awesome and the fit and finish is top notch. I love the sound of the pipe it is real throaty. It is a little loud for public lands however.

I was trying to decide on an exhaust system for my WR400. I almost purchased the GYT-R pipe but the cost factor prevailed and I went with a DR. D Pipe. With the JD Jetting kit installed the bike is awesome. I did my first real ride yesterday 30 miles of super technical riding under 85 degree weather and didn't have one issue. I have the full system, for 399.00 it can't be beat period. Really good tones a hair loud but not offensive. I would buy it over and over again. :applause:

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