Tool bag

Has anyone put a bag on the rear fender of their WR. It looks like there is a flat spot there for a bag just like a XR. If so where are you getting the bag from??


I got a great looking waterproof "nylon codura" bag at walmart for $4.00 It is blue and matched the bike really well, it was a camera type bag and is the perfect size to fit the fender - not too big or bulky. I carry all my tools in it and also a small bicycle sized can of flat fixer... I heated a nail with a torch until it was really hot then burned 4 holes in the bottom of the tool pouch. This keeps the nylon material from unravelling. Then I got stainless steel 1/4 bolts (nylon instert locking type nuts) and big stainless steel flat washers to attach to fender. I am very happy with its function and appearance. I don't have to wear fanny pack anymore, just the new tool pouch and pockets of a Malcolm Smith ISDE enduro jacket.

I have one on mine, forgot the name but a major brand. Had to drill three holes in the fender, works great has a hold down strap inside.

Yamaha makes a tool bag that rivets to the rear fender. My dealer was able to show me a picture in a catalog he had and I ordered it though them.

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