450 neutral switch

Dose any one know what the netrual sensor switch on the yz450f dose exactly (besides the obvious)? I've heard a few things, one being that the sensor allows the CDI reduce the redline in netrual. Any thoughts? Any advantages/disadvantages to disconnecting it?

it's there for safety purposes. Most of us that had 426's disconnected them. I actually completely removed mine and all the wiring that goes along with it. Here is why we began removing them back in 2002....

Blue Wire Mod


The function of the switch is to:

> Roll back the rev limit to 7000 in neutral

> Alter the timing (different mapping, more retarded at idle)

I doubt that it results in lower spark voltage, although it may very well reduce the amount of a signal voltage within the CDI. My own 450 starts somewhat better in neutral than in gear. Enough so, in fact, that I will take the time to find neutral unless I'm in a real hurry, and after the one morning when it kicked back so hard that it nearly broke my foot, Alpinestars and all, I plan to leave mine the way it is. Either way, it will only change the way the bike runs in neutral, not in any other gear.

You can easily enough see how it would act without it by starting it in gear rather than in neutral. Or back out the terminal without cutting the wire and see if you like it.

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