CA. and street legal XRr

I am not sure about the new laws regarding st legal conversions.

whats the skinny on getting plates for a new xr in CA?

very very very difficult.

try the baja designs website or joeracer website - they both seem to keep up to date with the latest....

people do it--but its not easy.

Seems most these days are doing the Arizone' DMV route..

But I got a lowly L model....he he

I just pay my reg' and cheap insurance...gas up and ride. If your serious about a lot of street riding may consider an L, I know the R crowd...and they wont agree most likely. But what you buy really depends on your needs and riding styles...its a trade off either way you go.

whats the deal with that? I can go to Nevada or Arizona buy the r, baja kit it and then re-register it in ca?

The legal (insert any bike you want here) is totally possible in Ca. KX250, no problem. CR500, sure. But it helps if you know a CHP officer, preferably not the one who caught you last week.

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