tips for replacing rim?

I've got a rear Excel rim that is starting to look pretty used from rock dings and tire changes. I want to order a new rim, reusing the OEM spokes and hub.

I don't think re-spoking the rim will be real difficult but I am concerned about balance and alignment as the spokes get their final tightening. Has anyone got advice about what sequence to thread the spokes and the order in which the spokes should be tightened? Techniques for checking alignment and balance? :applause:

Thanks in advance.

If rim shakes good when riding and is unrecoverable by spoke alignment, and those hits are really bad?

I straightened my rear, that was hit by jumping on railroad track, with a big hammer and a few fine centered hits

before you start dismantling, make sure, all the spokes can be loosened to avoid surprises of not having new ones in reserve

if you can anyhow fix rim to look acceptable again, I recomment eloxation..process for colouring the, gold, blue EXCELs..

if still only new rim is the case, Id take it to the shop since it cant be that expensive to mount, but if you want to do it yourself, as first I recommend you to take a few closeup photos, just for the feeling of which spoke goes where, and than there is a slow process of evenly tightening the spokes, first in the criss cross pattern, to ensure the roundness

of course it is nice to have a wheel stand and fixed-to-the-stand gauge that helps you to fine tune the rim

Rim functions's all cosmetic. I thought about taking it to a shop to be done right but I'm not convinced it would be cheap. Thanks for the input.

wire tie spokes at each crossing, remove nipples, remove hub/spokes from rim, set hub/spokes into new rim with same orientation in respect to valve stem and rimlock holes as they were in the old rim, insert spokes in their holes and reinstall nipples....that's how I do mine. Good luck, and it's prob'ly easier to take it to a shop and have them center and tension the spokes, it does take some experience to get it trued ...

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