426 trans & primary drive gear question

Quick questions:

On the main axle under 4th gear there is a collar with 2 oil holes. Does this collar have to fit on the shaft in any particular way so the oil gets distributed? The manual says to just install it, but I'd like some reassurance that it doesn't matter. Its #8 on this diagram


Also, the primary drive gear that rides on the crank next to the balancer drive gear. Which direction should it face? (pg 4-59, #4 in the manual)

There's an end with a groove and 'C' engraved in it and the other end has no groove. Which end faces outward?


On the 4th gear collar, if there is no difference that you can see in facing it one way or the other, and the manual does not make a point of telling you which way it goes, it probably makes no difference.

The illustration of the primary gear you referenced shows a groove on the outside face of the gear if you blow it up enough, but that's not much to go on. The parts manual shows it from the back side (on the clutch page), and it shows a shoulder on the inside of the gear, which would face the balancer gear. I haven't seen a '00 426 primary gear, but if there is a shoulder, and/or the splines on the inside of the gear are bored back from either face of the gear, I would put that side of the gear facing inward, toward the balancer gear. The splines are generally backbored on the side of the gear that clamps another part down to improve the gear's ability to hold the part squarely. If it will make a difference in how far in or out the gear teeth will sit, it can easily be checked against the clutch basket gear. Just sit the parts in place and see how it fits up.

You can also "read" the used parts. Most parts like this that have been run together for a while will leave "witness marks" showing matching patterns on the sides that went together. The gear side of the washer that locked the PDG nut to the crank should almost give it away by itself.

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