Night riding wanted: need a light kit.......

I tried riding /w/ my dad on his 450 exc and still I was blind in the desert /wo/ a question is this:

does any one make a kit for the yzf426???

I know I'm going to need:


2)voltage regulator

3)switch, on, off, pencil/running light

4)light /w/ two settings, flood and pencil.


also, will the wr stator hook right up /w/ a stock engine?

thanks a bunch,


wow, I at least expected 1 post......come on people!!!.

I don't know about the stator but after you get that sorted out be sure that you go to Trail Tech and look at their lights. The HID technology is unbelievable. I have a set for my helmet that I run on batteries. That is really the way to go. Lights up the night where you are looking and makes getting around turns much better. :applause:

Trail Tech


I think your lack of replies stems from the fact that there is already loads of info on this topic.

Do a search on, "lighting," "night riding," etc. and you will find your answers.

Eline makes a 200 watt stator, Baja Designs makes competition grade lighting, but there are other options....


Performing a search on "street legal" will yeaild more results i think. I nkow i have posted many posts on my 99 YZ400 that i made street legal, do that and then if you have any questions PM me. I got what you need.

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