Hey Guys,

'05 WR450F. I want to do away with handlebar shake when doing over 100kmph on asphalt roads. (on the way to the bush rides)

Any idea on fairly priced stabilizers?


Cheapest and least obtrusive would be the WER... Works Enduro Rider.

It mounts to the bottom of the lower clamp and is a little over $300.

The frame-mounted part is available in either rivet-on or weld-on.

Plusses: Out of the way, doesn't pose a hazard to your face (or nads) in a crash, no "return to center" damping (like the Scott's).

Cons: Can't adjust it on the fly... you have to stop and get off to adjust it.

I put a GPR 2.0 on my KTM and I love it. Worth every cent!

putting a bit more of your bodyweight more forward on the bike could also solve the shake prob by making the front fork work a bit more into its stroke. and its a free fix

I moved my forks up to the first line (about 5mm) and that got rid of any wobble and shake.

I put a Scotts with a BRP top triple clamp. I will NEVER ride ai bike without one. Not the cheapest thing to do but worth it.

Just sit towards the back of the seat. This puts more rake on the forks for stability. Can also adjust the fork dampening by reducing rebound and or increasing compression. Or can slide the forks down in the tripple clamps to make them longer.

Well Ive just booked a brand new Scotts kit whoo hoo!!! Stung me though-$573 USD from a local dealer as opposed to $515 delivered direct from Scotts, but he threw in a few extras so Im happy. I was going to buy from a guy on here or Ebay second hand but it got all to hard so I went for the easier (but more expensive) option. Ahh well what goods money to ya if your dead huh!! :applause:

Arggggghhh I have just found out that to use my pro tapers Im going to have to get a scotts triple clamp??!!?!?!?!? What a load of B.S!!!! Surely they could just supply an extended link arm??

I think you could get away with any aftermarket top clamp. I was told the stock WR clamp would need to be modified. I could be wrong about all this as I don't have a damper yet. I'd like to find out for sure myself, because I'll be getting one in the near future

An extended link arm would be too flexible to allow the stabilizer to work properly. Ya, you should be able to make an aftermarket clamp work, the whole issue is that it won't work with bar risers.

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