Not Tracking Properly

During my last couple of rides, the bike has felt like it wants to go into a right side skid. I feel like I have to keep more pressure on the left grip to keep it tracking straight, especially on downhills. My rear axle appears to be aligned via the marks and my forks appear to be fine as well. I thought perhaps it was my Scotts Damper, but I turned it completely off and the problem persisted. I did go to a 120 rear over the stock 110, but I can't see how that would do it. I haven't had any real wrecks other than smashing my stock chain guide into a rock and having to replace it. It's a weird feeling and somewhat disconcerting. Any ideas on what to check other than what I've mentioned would be most appreciated...SC

Raise the the bike, and grab the back tire and try and move it from side to side. Maybe there is slack in the swing arm bearings, or it's loose. Other then that the only othere thing is the rear wheel bearings. :applause:

All wheel bearings are fine, swingarm is tight, head bearings are good. I took everything apart last night to check my torque specs, fine tune my damper and raise my forks a 1/4" for a little quicker steering, so we'll see next time out. I think I may have had my chain too tight and I used my SagSetter to check my rear wheel alignment. I think the OEM axle block might be a problem as they're a bit sloppy and I can't get a true alignment with them. Perhaps some Zip-Ty's will solve the problem...SC

I am happy with the zipty blocks.. only takes one wrench to adjust, and I think they are a little more accurate.. :applause:

I have the same trouble when climbing big hills and there is a big magnetic tree on the right side.

I just ordered the Enduro Engineering axle blocks for $40, instead of the Zip-Ty version. I just couldn't justify close to $100 for that type of upgrade, and the EE blocks have two locking bolts on each block to ensure the adjustment doesn't drift. Hopefully this will cure my problem. I also found the entire drivetrain quieted down a bit when I released the chain tension some. Luckily for me, the EE blocks are billet aluminum so it'll be less for the magnet trees to attract...everybody's a smartass :applause::eek::) ...SC

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