Smoking problem?

Have a 2000 XR650L - bought it for $2150 - 12500 miles. Smoked when I bought it - so thought it might need new valve guides, seals, etc. Spent $500 having XR's Only do thre head and it runs great. But - it's hard to start cold and when it starts - it smokes. Lasts about 3 minutes until it warms up and then it's fine. When I bought it the shop told me they replaced the piston - so when i stripped it down I checked the piston and rings out. Piston and rings looked OK - but cylinder looked weird, So - I honed the cylinder and threw the piston and rings back in.

I have about 250 miles on it now- runs great. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the smoking problem?

Thanks - Buenodude

I suspect the piston rings hadn't 'seated' yet ...also, if running synthetic oil in a brand-new rebuild, sometimes that delays ring-seating ... if that's what the culprit was, you should be good to go now :applause:

its your rings! i've had a couple of air cooled hondas that did the same thing, they still seem to last forever even if they smoke. i wouldn't worry about it until your in there next time.

Smoking upon starting and clearing up immediately is usually a valve seal leaking. Smoking until warm is often a sign of rings not seated. Smoking after it is warm when you gas it is a sign of worn rings. Gassing it and having slow acceleration is a sign you are riding a Honda :applause:

i dont have that problem. hope this helps

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