Jetting help

new to four strokes just bought a fmf powercore but bike needs to be rejetted can anyone tell me how to do this, i ride a wr 426

Probably going to need more information. How is it running? What do you notice at 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and WOT? Just a guess, but you are probably going to be a little lean, you will need to jet up. How much all depends on what is in there now, your altitude, weather pattern, and so on. As for the mechanics of it, any two stroke experience you may have will for the most part translate over. Main and pilot can be accessed through the plug in the bottom of the bowl. Needle is a little more tricky, you will need to remove the seat and turn the carb to get the top off and access the needle. Your manual will show this in detail. Hope this helps.


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