Bad 05 gas mileage?

How far can you go on a tank full of gas on a new 05 WR450? I run out of gas at 50 miles on the main and can go about 10 miles more on the reserve. Hard ridding I have run out on the main at 43 miles, anyone doing better?

I'm getting over 40 MPG.. Checked yesterday.. 05 WR450 Free mods.

There seems to be a wide range of MPG on these bikes. I believe you get 40-60 miles depending on the terrain, temp, wind ect...

well my ride 2 weeks ago was a varied ride from fast pace to slow crawl, i got right around 53-55mpg, we rode 63 miles.

Rode 76 miles, stoped back at camp to add 1 gallon. Still had over half a tank left.

Wow, there is some big variation going on here. We rode 51 miles of high altitude 7-12,000 ft. and I had a half tank left. A lot of it was gas-gulping 1st gear crawling too.

Used to get as little as 28 miles before reserve. Can get about 60 now. Throttle control and proper gear selection can extend the mileage.


i usually judge by hours... :applause: i can get about 5 hours of good dune riding outta one tank.. any more and im walkin...

I averaged just a bit over 41 mpg in the Hancock Quarry Run. My WR450 has a JD jet kit, all free mods, a YZ exhaust and I'm not shy about hitting the gas. I'd guess it was about 80-20 trails to road. You should definitely do better than 50 miles on a tank.

Thanks for the information, you guys are getting 40 miles per gallon and I'm getting 50 miles on the main tank! Boy does my engine suck! I am running a larger main and pilot by one size with everything else stock, It should be making gas. Maybe I need the JD gas maker jetting kit? I am not rich on the jetting so maybe I'm too lean and burning more fuel, but I am way off from doing a good loop without carrying extra gas.

farkawi ,

Where are you riding and what are your jetting settings?

I'm going to be doing some riding at 8000 - 11500' next month in Utah. I have seen the jetting specs above but would like some real life numbers.


My buddy and I have two new 05's. We rode 70 miles on logging roads plus a twelve mile trail at about 2800 feet - still gas left when we got back. This is probably not a worst case scenario, but notable given the wide range.

BAnd05 did you do any jetting changes to the bikes? In reading these posts 40 mpg is about normal at trail speeds. My 03 is close to the 40 mpg mark but the 05 on 3 seperate tests ran out at 50, 43, 53 miles.

I regularly go riding for about 100km or so, sometimes I hit reserve, sometimes I don't.

It depends how throttle happy I get.

It chews fuel very quickly when I race flat track.

new gas report on the 05wr450...i did a 52 mile ride on saturday and dam near ran outa gas, we rode an 8 mile wide open straight away (scary fast 5th pinned) i think this had a big impact on the fuel tank though. i switched to reserve on mile 47.

No jetting changes - just the basic mods to open the throttle and uncork the muffler.

If your float level is as little as 1 - 2 mm too high, you can lose gas through the float bowl overflow tube. I routinely lower the float level a little and run the breather tube in a loop with the top of the loop just below the lower edge of the intake manifold, i.e. just above the float bowl.

Like you I'm only getting about 28-30 miles per tank. What was it specifically that you did to get to the point where you're getting 60? I need to know :banghead:. Thanks.

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