New to the site with a 426

Alright guys im new here to the site just bought an 01 yz426, coming from a banshee. My bike is all stock, could you all fill me in on some problems my bike could have. Also any mods most ppl are doing would be nice. I see alot of ppl using an 03 cam? not sure y, fill me in.

Do a search and you come up with lots of stuff. There's so much information on this site it's unbelievable. Just search.

And good choice. You'll enjoy that bike. I've got a 2000 and I love it. Sure it's a tank, but it's great.

Congrats D.T.25. You'll love the bike. I have a 2000. Add the power now set-up for a $100. It adds throttle response and reduces bog. Engine Ice, i've just found hot makes the bike run cooler.

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