Hebo Hydraulic Clutch from www.erider.ws

We purchased two of the clutches for my friends and my Wr426f's. First off let me thank Michael for turning us on to these and Erider! Also thanks for the pics, they helped greatly. The first one took about 2 hours, the second about 30 minutes. Routed it a little different but the pics were AWESOME. I haven't tried it yet on the trail but the pull feels MUCH lighter then my pals KTM 380M/XC Hydraulic Clutch. Looking forward to trying it maybe this weekend.

Second, let me give acolades to kevin mccarty at Erider! He is what E-Commerce should be about. I bought the first clutch and then realized my buddy would kill me if I didn't let him on the deal. I saw on this board that Erider only had 3 left at the cheap price, so I ordered one for my pal. Turns out he had run out of stock, but he e-mailed me and told me he would get another one in within a few days and send it out right away at the sale price (btw at $189.00 it's still a steal, I saw it at another site for $280!). Well sure enough last Friday it appeared, so on Saturday we installed them.

Michael and Kevin you guys are great!

Thanks again


Thanks Brian.....it wasn't much, but your kind words are appreciated!

Ditto...my Hebo works great, thanks to Erider. It took about 2 hours to install, but had a few beers and took my time too.

Nice, consistent smooth feel

What mcarp said.. I have absolutley no regrets with the Hebo from Kevin @ erider. A win win... When guys come up to my bike and pull the lever they just laugh!!! :)

In ajusting the hebo clutch can anyone tell me how do this? When I let the clutch out, it starts ingaging about 1/4 to 1/2 inch out. I would like it to be furter. WHat would be the best way to adjust that out??



bhunt - I tried to answer your post on the YZ forum....hope it helps!

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I would also like to thank Mike for turning us on to the HEBO clutch. Rode my WR426 this weekend for the first time with the clutch. Worked nice and smooth and no cramping in the fingers. Thanks to ERIDER for the quick shipping and nice price. Well worth money.

HELP! Earlier this evening started to install the Hebo juice clutch. Since I have a Baja Designs dual sport kit there seems to be a shortage of available space.

Anyone install this clutch AND a Baja Designs kit. Suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for some useful HELP.

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