Need help 2002 YZ 426

Well I bought a 2002 yz 426 looks very stock

I am a ex motocross/supercross racer from the 80s first real 4 stroke

The guy I bougt it from tried to show me the starting procedure but the first day I pushed it home about 4 miles. :applause: I did the hot start did not touch the gas but it would not start . When cold I can get it in one or two kicks. I need help!!

If you happen to twist the throttle just as you kill it, you get loads of fuel in the cylinder. If that happens, twist it to full throttle (KEEP IT THERE, no twisting back and for or the accel. pump will just keep pumping more fuel) and kick the bike 10-15 times while pushing the kill button and hot start pulled (as well as the decompression lever if the 426 still has it). Then kick it normally with the hot start pulled but no throttle.

Thanks I will try it. I have tried to start it hot three times now. And every time I am pushing it back home.

I almost never use the hot start, unless I fall and the bike floods. Maybe you don't need to use the hot start either? At least its worth a try. :applause:

Thanks I will try it. I have tried to start it hot three times now. And every time I am pushing it back home.

It could be that your pilot jet is too small. What's your altitude?

You should also do the 450 DCM. It will take under a $100.00 and 3-4 hours of your time. Makes starting sooooo much easier. No more "drill". Just kick and go.

I did mine after riding it 2 times and should have done it before I ever rode it.

Read about it at the top of this forum. You'll be glad you did.


I live in San Antonio Tx. But really don't know my alltitude Close to sea level I would guess. I talked to the Yamaha shop here in town they said the cam mod was a bad idea. They said once I learned the trick they are no problem starting.

You are at approx. 643' ASL and your pilot jet should be good.

I'm curious if your local Yamaha shop gave you a reason why the DCM was not a good idea.

It's up to you, but there are hundreds if not thousands of us 400/426 owners that would be more than willing to disagree with any one who says it's a bad idea. Thousands of hours on these bikes with this mod speaks for its self.

I still suggest that you read the 450 DCM thread and ask others who have done it. I myself think it is the single best mod that you could do to enjoy that bike even more.


And check the plug too. Sounds like an obvious suggestion, but is often overlooked.

I just finished the 450 exhaust cam mod along with a complete rebuild and rode the bike for the first time last night. I didn't have any real problems starting it before but now it's just like a 2 stroke although I still use the hot start button.

as soon as I stall it i get to a hill for a better stronger kick and pull that hot start. damn yammies are tall!!!!

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