yz450 or 426 or 250f?

now i know the search will work but i would like someone to really tell me what is best. i ride woods and occasionally the dunes. i live in oregon so browns camp and the trask etc. now i just came off a yfz450 atv. but i have ridden 125s before and could handle them easily. see i was definately thinking 426 but then the 450 is what most my friends ride. i want to keep up but dont want to have to spend all the money on the 450 or is it worth it or should i just go with a 426. or jsut go with the 250f but qwould it have enough power to keep up with the 450s in the woods? would it be able to hill climb?

Hey man i can answer that question for you. I recentally owned a 03yz450f and let me tell you that bike was fast. i recentally bought a 05yz250f and i love the thing it has less low end and midrange but if you just riding trials or hills it will do the job just fine. you can always go for more power witch never hurts out of the 450 and i bet u will like it to so it will just take your decision..

The 426 will keep up with a 450 no problem!! Just a little heavier thats it, and the starting takes a little to get used to but that isnt hard at all either!!

Go with the 450f, I love my 2004...great torque, reliability, starts right up, and very fast. Very few people on this Planet, can truly ride the 450f to it's true potential. I am the limiting factor, not the bike, just like the vast majority of people.

For woods, tight trails, most tracks, you can't go wrong with the 250F. It has great handling, lighter, easy to toss around, etc. They also pack quite a bit of power for a small bore. However, for the dunes you'd be better off with the 426 or 450. Between the 450 and 426, both are great bikes, the 426 has the 5speed but is heavier. The 450 has more power than the majority of us can use to its full potential. Same can probably be said for the 426. The 450 is lighter than the 426 (not by much) and is better handling. The deciding factor may be what you're willing to spend. The 426 is the best bang for your buck IMO. Great power, rock solid dependability (same goes for all YZFs), great price. A used 450 will run you a bit more $, but is still a good bike. I've owned a 250F and two 426s and have been happy with all of them.

This probably didn't help your decision much, but you really can't wrong with any of them. Good luck. :applause:

The 450 and 426, the biggest thing i have noticed is the way it handles. The power is enough that you cant tell when riding with the 450. That is my take on the 450 anyway. Buy what you can afford.

thank u guys for all your hwelp in my decision my biggest concern was my 140lb being able to handle the 426f i sat on a few and they felt not too heavy. i have a question does using the powernow and boyesen quickshot simultaneosly work or would it be a waste of money?

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