Trail tech....Awsome people to deal with.

So i was installing my trail thing ledt to another and had to push the bike out of the way for a second.....look down and the wire for the magnet pick up got caught in the wheel.....

I e-mail trail tech to see if i can solder it...they said you can but might be best if we send you a new unit under warranty.....WOW

Talk about great customer support 10 out of 10

Wow, that is nice. I wish they had been that nice when the main bolt of my 2 ride old kick stand sheared off.... its a .10 cent bolt, hey told me to mail them the whole kickstand. I told them no thanks and had to make my own.

Now the spring on the stand is floppy after just 4 months ( I DO NOT park my bike on it in my garage between rides) and Trail Tech, again wants the whole stand... sigh. Shoulda bought a PMB. I will agree they are friendly.

i'm sure they would of sent you a brand new one

Just so you know, there's nothing mysterious about the TrailTech cable. It's a simple 2 conductor wire encased in plastic. I shortened mine when I switched to a CR-style brake line. A little solder and some shrink tube was all I needed.

Here's another thumbs up to Trail Tech! :applause:

I recently broke the pivot plate on my kickstand and all I had to do was e-mail them some pics of it. They had a new one on my doorstep in a couple questions asked! :eek:

Wow thats cool. While you guys are talking about customer support, i guess i will add my experience with Progrip.

I have a pair of progrip goggles that i used for quite some time then the sponge started coming off. I emailed progrip directly asking if they sold replacement sponge for my goggles. They asked for my address and sent me a new pair of goggles. And thats direct from italy via registered mail mind you.

Companies that take care of their customers deserve the recognition for it. It isn't as common in business as it should be.

Doug Dubach at Dr.D is another one. :applause::eek:

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