does anyone out there have an all black xr650l? i am thinking about painting my rear fender and side panels with the krylon plastic fusion.....does that stuff work good? post some pics please.

no one?

nope, but the guy who had my bike before me did that. He did a real nice and boy did it look bitchen! Now the bike actually gets ridden and do you feel about black with red(or white depending on plastic color) pin stripes?:applause:

I personally wuold not recommend this to anyone, unless you NEVER put the bike down and then is it really dirtbiking?


Buy some black plastics. Except for the front fender which i like to paint flat black or sand alittle so the light doesn't glare off of it.

just my opinion of course,

if i ever laid it down, i would just repaint.....hell, i laid it down once in gravel and scared the left panel so bad i had to sand and paint it to make it look ok.

man i'd be repainting my bike twice a week :eek:

but if you were riding the trails i ride you would understand.

i say paint the road warrior black :applause:

all black "L"



she's a purty one all right

all black "L"



I especially like the Suzuki fender bag.

damn, that thing is awsome!!!! im gonna do it fo show now. Thanks guys!

Yeah...thats Fuct, and his HonSuki'

We still let him tag along

His bike looks even 10x better in person.

Damn ALIEN hybrid doohicky'

it would look better with ypshi exhost :applause:

Thats an FMF Q2 full system, and its pretty damn sweet, I ride behind it... sometimes...LOL

yoshi would be better...looks and sounds cooler

yoshi would be better...looks and sounds cooler

for the price i paid on my pipe and header, i can live with the looks and sound. $320 for the FMF Q2 and Power Bomb header, brand new! and yes, the yoshimura would be better...... on my GSXR750

You have a nice ride also man! I used the satin black on my side panels, worked/looked good.

Nope. Yoshi does not sound better nor look cooler. Observed one today, I would not rush out and buy one........

Packing blows out pretty quick in one as well I have heard...

ok, my yoshi exhost looks pretty sure they dont make it any more.





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