2001 xr650r blowing oil out of air filter

I have checked the oil dipstick plenty, it is not over filled. If i ride it hard it smokes. Almost every time I ride it, oil leaks out of the air filter. Please don't tell me this is normal.

This used to happen to my friends 650, turns out he was checking the oil wrong. 1st start it and warm it up, then kill it and keep it level, remove the dipstick, wipe, and reinstall but don't screw it down. Remove and check. I have over filled mine before when not following this procedure. Hope this is all the problem is.

It is only normal if you are over filling the oil. You must run the bike for quite a while before you check the oil. If it is over full it will be blowing out the dip stick with the engine idling. To make sure you have it right, drian your oil and put in 1650cc of oil (not changing the oil filter) clean out you air filter box and see if it's all better. If you drain the oil and have more then 1700cc's of oil you found your problem. That is the way to find out for sure if it is over full.

sound like its been over filed to me. make sure you WARM the bike up. 30 seconds does nothing try 5 minutes, seriously.

i start mine get on my gear, every pad manufactured, and then check the oil, which of course i checked befor putting it in the truck...

and changed 3 days ago.

does that make me a little anal???

It will continue to blow oil even when I can't find any oil on the dipstick. I have to check it after every ride. There is always a puddle under this bike.

any possibility you are just over-oiling your airfilter, or using wrong type oil on it ?? ... I have found puddles of oil in bottom of my airbox when I didnt wring it out good enough

I'm thinking you have bigger issues (Don't want to be a pessimist) it might be a good idea to head down to your local BRP dealer for a little advise.


It will continue to blow oil even when I can't find any oil on the dipstick. I have to check it after every ride. There is always a puddle under this bike.

How many hours/miles on the engine? Sounds like excessive blow-by that could be caused by worn rings or a worn out piston. Is the crankcase breather tube connected to the air box? :applause:

Clean the air filter, don't reoil it, ride it hard on the street awhile see if the same thing happens. Or disconnect the crankcase breather tube and see if it blows oil out when running hard, on the street if possible. Allso if it is jetted lean and running hot, not good.

Too much oil in the bike, no doubt about it.

sounds like that thing is about ready to explode!

you better sell it to me fast while it's still running!

cheap :applause:

MAX in Ketchum

The bike has less than a thousand miles. The air filter is not over oiled, it is motor oil on the floor. And how could it have too much oil in it if I can't see oil on the dipstick. But it will still put a puddle on the floor.

These bikes are tricky to check the oil level. You pretty much have to ride it for a little while then check the oil. If you just let it idle a couple of minutes then check it you can overfill. If I were you I would change the oil and oil filter. Put in the recommended amount in the book. At least you will know it has the correct amount. Then ride it and see if it still does it. It sounds like it is over filled.

I still say its overfilled, seen/heard it happen to a lot of people. There is a company (prob Baja Designs)that sells a kit that allows for oil checking via site tube w/out removing the dipstick.

check crankcase vent hose under the seat... it could be pinched... so it can't breathe... there's my 2 cents...

Did you figure out the problem yet?

Is your problem solved. Any other probabilities.

I found a little oil in my airfilter this weekend.

Oil level seems to be a little high but not much. Maybe 1/16 to 1/8 of inch on the dip stick.

I will check the crank case vent hose tonight?

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