Dual Sport Riders in Western Washington

I just bought a 2006 KLR650 and have no riding buddies...I live in Marysville. Anyone have suggestions on great places to ride...also looking to spend a weekend day riding.

:D There is a Yahoo group of Riders from your area called Puget_Sound_KLR650 They are a great group and they can help with tips on other local groups to meet and ride with through the Dual Sport News website. :D

Another yahoo group is pugetsoundbigtrailies, there's a pretty active group of area riders at advrider as well.

Some ideas: FS 17,18,2810 NW of Darrington, further out are the FS roads near Mt Baker, Harts Pass (Mazama), Jacks Pass, FS 70 from Greenwater, The Olympics...Closer to home Spada, Walker Valley, Reiter...

Pickup a DeLorme book and ride somewhere that looks interesting.

walker valley, and Reiter pit are good... I live up north, so i goto the Mount baker trails, and galbraith (which closed), and Slater....

Good suggestions already offered about the Yahoo groups that are pretty active in WA: <http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Puget_Sound_KLR650/> and <http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/pugetsoundbigtrailies> are well worth joining - good links too. Of the local groups, you can also keep abreast of general DS activity by lurking on <http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/WA_dsr>. Just know that group tends to be more oriented to the light single-track end of the sport - great guys all!

In the last year, <http://www.advrider.com> has come into its own with a level of Western WA activity. Good format that's real friendly to posting pics for ride reports too.

Finally, you might check out <http://www.klr650.net>. It was a real good KLR website with lots of WA participation until this spring when they lost the archive database after being forced to switch server hosts. A long, ugly story that resulted in a good moderator and loyal members having to make radical adjustments and the loss of a nice format.

Welcome to the world of KLR - (Where the passion can border on illness!). :D

Pat M

KLR 650


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