Well here we go 06's here next month

I do not believe them but my local dealership said the new 250 and 450 will be here next month. I find this hard to swallow because the Yamaha web site said NOV. ?????????????????????????????????? :applause::eek::)

Tell your dealer to put the crack pipe down.

That's what I heard today from Germany too regarding blue bikes, but nobody seems to know about the yellow ones.

That would be awesome, you know how many people would bum rush their dealers :applause: I don't think it'll happen, but I would love to hear at least a ride report.

Mine to!!! he said to expect them in late August or early September, only time will tell. We still have not seen a shootout!!!!! I cant wait.

I will believe when I see it - it would be the soonest Yam ever released...... :applause:

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