what would you pay?

what would you guys pay for a 1998 xr650l with 7500 miles in immaculate condition with the folowing upgrades: yoshi full exhaust system, 4 gallon clarke tank, protaper bars, scott grips, acerbis bark busters, new turn signals (aluminum ones in the rear and plastic ones mounted to the bark busters), hot cam, ufo headlight, black front fender, air pump removed, seat gripper, and new tires.

the pictures do not have the black fender and clarke tank.







I wouldn't pay more than $2600. Don't let the add on's fool you, you could get that bike without the add on's for around 2100.

How much is he asking for it?

I dont have all the mods but I bought a 2000 model with clark tank and 2 in lowering kit white brother/eibach, new tires and only 2000miles for 3000$ this summer.

I would think $2500-2800 would be ballpark. I paid $4,000 for my bike when it was a year old and only had 600mi. So if you look around you may get a better deal. Mine was bone stock and not a scratch, thats the bike I wanted. Do the work yourself, you know what your really getting into.

But... the bike looks very nice and just bargain the dude down with cash in hand.

Good luck !

BTW, I would put the elephant ears back on if i bought it to get more airflow into engine area. Honda designed them for a reason. Or go with a Clarke/IMS tank that emulates their shape, directing more airflow into the head...cooling is a major concern.

Looks decent, I would maybe stretch to 2500 if everything is really nice, and these were mods you wanted, don't forget to give the wheels a spin, last one I looked at needed rims and spokes to ride nice on the road. (wobbles)

in KY it would sit for sale for months at $1800

What did you pay....... :eek: You guys that live in the mid west and east coast don't pay much for bikes. Us guys in California pay out the nose however we ride all year round too :applause:

in KY it would sit for sale for months at $1800

Thats because them hunting rednecks dont ride dirtbike... whopperjaw... doodads.



Sweet looking pig but unfortunately its only worth about $2k ish even with all the add ons. Thats the problem with adding a bunch of stuff to try to sell a bike....people (at least most) look at the bike not the bells and whistles.

i paid 2000 for it....looks like i got an ok deal....kelly blue book says she is worth 1800 trade in with about 30000 miles on her.

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